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L. Alpert MediationsEmpowering Comprehensive Solutions


Under Texas law, there are limited circumstances in which a parent can modify a visitation order.

Such a change will be made only if it is in the best interests of the child, and:

·         the circumstances of the child or parent have materially and substantially changed since the original child custody order or agreement,


·         the child is at least 12 years old and has told the court in chambers that the child wants a change, or


·         the custodial parent has voluntarily given the child's care and custody to another person.


Mediation provides a way to work out an agreement for the parties and the children without having to convince a judge that there has been a materially and substantial change in circumstance.


Grandparents and persons who have had a parent-like relationship with a child, who may not have the legal standing to go before a judge to request Access/Visitation find Mediation helpful in obtaining agreements to see the child(ren) they care about. 

Benefits of Mediation in Visitation Cases:


Mediation can be significantly less expensive than working through the courts.


Mediation can offer a solution more quickly than a trial can. Mediation can be conducted in a week or two, whereas the entire trial process could take months or years.


Mediation can set the tone for your relationships going forward. Parties will still need to be able to communicate in some fashion. 

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