L. Alpert Mediations Empowering Comprehensive Solutions
L. Alpert MediationsEmpowering Comprehensive Solutions

Child Custody:

A child custody case can be a long and drawn out process. This is especially true when the case is tied up with a divorce. Mediation is a cost and time effective method for resolving this issue.


Why should I try Child Custody Mediation as opposed to just going to court?



Mediation can offer a solution more quickly than a trial. Mediation can be conducted in a week or two, whereas the entire trial process could take months or years.



Mediation can be significantly less expensive than working through the courts.



Mediation can set the tone for your relationships going forward. Parties will still need to be able to communicate in some fashion.  Remember, you're setting an example for your child.



Unlike a trial, Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to problem solving. This means that the process is less threatening and parties are typically able to formulate solutions that are best for the children.  Parents know their childrens' needs much better than anyone.

Benefits of  Mediation in Child Custody Cases:

  • Focus on what is in the best interest of your children.            financial, emotional, and physical needs
  • Design a plan for the meaningful interaction of each parent within a child's life.
  • Keep important decisions about your child's health and well-being in your hands, not in a judge's who does not know your child.


  • Promote parental cooperation and healthy post-divorce relationships.

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