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L. Alpert MediationsEmpowering Comprehensive Solutions



Insurance disputes are prime candidates for mediation. The process allows the parties to gain the insight of an agreed-upon, truly neutral expert in insurance law and practice, a characteristic not shared by all judges. It allows the parties to more candidly identify (through the mediator) their true obstacles to settlement and to address complex scientific and economic issues that are often not well-suited for litigation, such as the allocation of loss among potentially liable insurers. Finally, it allows the parties to settle issues in a more comprehensive – and often creative – fashion than may be possible in litigation.


Each and every insurance claim can be mediated, even if you do not have a lawyer or legal counsel. Individual and group claims can be mediated such as:


·         Automobile (commercial & personal)

·         Commercial property and liability

·         Employment

·         Residential property

·         Marine (commercial and recreational)

·         Fidelity and surety

·         Life Insurance

·         Legal malpractice

·         Medical malpractice

·         Public adjustment

·         Personal injury

·         Professional indemnity

·         Insurance brokers & intermediaries

·         Corporate directors' and officers' liability

·         Excess and reinsurance coverage

·         Special events, entertainment & sports

·         Agricultural, crop and livestock

·         Natural disasters

·         Coverage denials

·         Redlining

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