L. Alpert Mediations Empowering Comprehensive Solutions
L. Alpert MediationsEmpowering Comprehensive Solutions


Mediation offers business owners, both small and large, an effective alternative to litigation in the courts and more and more business are turning to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve their disputes efficiently, economically and effectively.  Laura Alpert can carefully sculpt and manage a settlement process whereby your business dispute, whether large or small, is viewed against the backdrop of the true business interests and practical considerations of all involved , and put the focus on options for mutual gain and agreement.


Too often, when a business transaction fails or a relationship sours, the immediate response is, “we need to go to court.”  Litigation requires the acceptance of the loss of control over outcomes. Mediation provides a framework that strengthens the ability of the parties to adjust relations and resolve problems efficiently and effectively—without losing control of the outcome to a judge or jury.

Whether occurring before or after the start of litigation, mediation allows parties to engage in a carefully managed settlement process in which the conflict is viewed against the backdrop of broad business interests, practical considerations, and options for mutual gain, a win-win approach and not winner take all.

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